Showcase your vehicles directly on Facebook Newsfeed and capture VIN specific leads to your CRM. A Proven Way To Turbocharge Your Dealership's Pipeline With Highest Quality Leads For The Lowest Cost Possible!


We help car dealers and automotive professionals predictably and profitably double their sales from conquest customers in 3 months without wasting money on marketing tactics that produce low to zero results, through our 9 steps WEALTHY AUTOMOTIVE MARKETING - Speed Race Track Method.

Artificial Intelligence Technology for Your Dealership to SELL MORE CARS: Create 100s of dynamic retargeting ads and close more deals!

Our Program Is Designed For All Type Of Dealerships (Independent & OEM)


Use our AI-driven targeting technology to start the conversation with vehicle shoppers or service customers the second they show Google or Facebook signs of entering the shopping cycle and way before your competitors.  Strategically deliver your inventory to shoppers most likely to buy (In-Market, Owners, and Model-Line targeting).


Say goodbye to manual vehicle ads. We automatically pull your inventory and publish to Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Marketplace. Make thousands of optimization changes daily to all your online ads 24/7. Our AI will optimize your ad ecosystem to make sure only the winning ads remain and every penny of your budget is maximized to get you quality leads for units you have in stock or the ones coming from the plant for pre-orders.


Let our AI investigate for your dealership all potential automotive keywords available for every brand, every model, every type of vehicle to make sure prospects shopping your competitors are aware of your inventory and services. Dynamically retarget low hanging fruit with your live inventory feed and similar models of interest, then drive VIN-Specific Leads directly into your CRM.




Match your sold vehicles to your ads every month and understand how many sold units your ads generated.



Artificial Intelligence for Dealerships

If you own manage or work in the sales department of a dealership, you’re probably spending between 50-60 hours a week trying to sell some cars.

Are you selling enough cars to generate the revenue you need and live the life you want?

If you’re not satisfied with your current situation and your dealership or
personal sales performance…
I want to offer you a Efficient, powerful, an industry game-changer.

CAR AD MASTERS Ai™ offers extraordinary accuracy and improved product performance through the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Take Your Dealership's Paid Media Campaigns To The Next Level!

Take advantage of the most advanced AI Schumacher Style automotive marketing solutions in Ireland and the UK, so they don’t have to rely on useless, outdated, mediocre marketing tactics that result in low to zero ROI.
Why rely on useless, outdated marketing tactics when you can experience exceptional, most advanced Schumacher Style AI automotive marketing solutions to skyrocket your revenue and profits so you can get rich!

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