The 7 Biggest Advantages for Your Dealership of Sales and Marketing Working Together.

Published on 1 November 2021 at 01:34

  1. Better Qualified Leads
  2. Better Engagement and Stronger Relationships
  3. Accurate Buyer Personas
  4. Better and Clearer Feedback
  5. Stay Ahead of the Competition
  6. Increased Revenue
  7. Better Marketing Materials

1. Better Qualified Leads

Your marketing and sales teams wasting their energy, time and leads on unqualified leads is never going to end well. Marketing will blame sales for not using the right materials or approaching poor leads too quickly, while sales will be claiming that the marketing content isn’t good enough in the first place.

When your sales and marketing are aligned and in regular communication, information can be flown freely. Your sales team can tell the marketing what is and isn’t working so that the marketers can adjust strategies based on what they’ve been told.

If both teams also implement the lead scoring method - with software that allows them to do it - it means they can both focus on only targeting the best-qualified leads and not wasting time on the bad ones.

2. Better Engagement and Stronger Relationships

The more both communicate, the stronger their work and personal relationships will become so they’ll eventually learn to trust each other. Rather than focusing on separate activities, implementing one shared vision and goal means they can rely on each other to hit their targets.

Working together means campaigns can be more impactful, leads can be handled a lot better and potential buyers are more impressed. It shows that sales and marketing actually work a lot better when they’re together and not entirely focusing on their own specific goals.


3. Accurate Buyer Personas

Sales and marketing are responsible for attracting, nurturing, delighting and closing deals in inbound marketing. That means both need to be on the same page for added success. If they aren’t on the same page and don’t communicate effectively find that the buyer personas don’t match up to the audience they’re targeting.

A huge benefit of sales and marketing working together means that marketing can help generate content that will capture the audience the sales team are chasing. By understanding customers better and having accurate buyer personas, both sales and marketing will have shared ownership and can help deliver a better and smoother buying experience.

4. Better and Clearer Feedback

By having constant communication between sales and marketing, unifying them means a strong relationship is established. This can then lead to open lines of communication which creates a better opportunity to effectively refine strategies down the line.

By having that communication and trust between both means, they’ll both be more comfortable when asking the other to make adjustments. For example, it could be the sales team asking the marketing team to adjust the criteria for quality leads.

By having clear and better feedback channels between sales and marketing, both become more receptive, they’ll focus on their shared goals. 

5. Stay Ahead of the Competition

A lot of marketing agencies take time out to analyze what the competition is doing, from website changes to blog posts so they know what the trends are and where they stand in comparison.

By working together, your marketing service supplier can keep your sales team informed of the tactics being used and the positioning of the competition. This allows your sales team to properly address why your products or services are far superior to the competition when they speak to prospects.


6. Increased Revenue

HubSpot has reported that misalignment between both sales and marketing teams costs a staggering $1 trillion a year. That’s primarily down to 79 percent of leads never converting into sales because of a lack of nurturing. Of the leads that do get passed to sales teams, though, 73 percent of them are never contacted.

At the same time, HubSpot has also found that organizations with excellent sales and marketing alignment close 38 percent more deals and achieve 27 percent faster three-year profit growth. They also achieve 208 percent higher revenue than organizations with disconnected marketing and sales teams.

7. Better Marketing Materials

Your sales team will receive a lot of the same questions over and over again from prospects right through to customers. When your sales team communicates this to your marketing team, it gives them a chance to actually create valuable content to inform the target audience.

This can be anything from blog posts to an eBook. Your sales team can then use these impactful marketing materials to save a lot of time while prospects will use them to make better decisions.



The Drawbacks of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

We’ve already mentioned the costs that HubSpot revealed above - costing organizations $1 trillion when sales and marketing teams don't work in tandem, but it can still lead to further negatives.

  • Unable to find quality leads.

  • Unable to convert leads.

  • Misaligned goals and vision.

  • Quality of content can drop.

  • Further tension between both teams.

  • No visibility into what’s resonating with prospects.

  • Not knowing if outdated or off-brand content is being shared with prospects.

  • Being forced to use a one-size-fits-all approach which can lead to inefficiencies.

  • Not knowing how successful marketing content actually is.

When you have your sales and marketing teams aligned, you’ll see just how much more efficient the entire process is - and a lot smoother. Although, these benefits can only come into play once your sales and marketing teams are aligned as well as other factors that make up the sales enablement process.


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